Around Thamel

Thamel is a popular tourist district within Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. I opted to stay in Thamel for a weekend in order to freshly renew the stay on my Indian tourist visa. On my previous visit to Nepal in 2015, the country was in the midst of violent protests over the passage of a new constitution. I promptly aborted my trip upon learning this information, but only after having entered by land at the Sunauli border with no warning from immigration. Thankfully, this trip to Kathmandu was rather quiet and uneventful.

A very humble sign quietly states, “Probably Best Momo In Town.”
A busy street as seen from the quietude of a nearly empty restaurant.
Right outside Hotel Lily, where I stayed for the weekend.
Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation on Thamel’s narrow streets.
Swastika means “peace,” and is used as a female name in Nepal and India.
A fine dust fills the air, covering everything in a grayish brown tint.
At night, the town glows with a mixture of florescent and neon signs.
A cycle rickshaw operator takes some rest in the middle of a busy street.
A store filled with seemingly nothing more than soft drinks.
A particularly lively street filled with clubs, bars, and lounges.
Despite the party atmosphere, the street art of Thamel is decidedly reserved.

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